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The production that is the birthplace of Direct Theatre Collective, HYSTERIA was created from an original concept by Jill Raymond, which was then collectively devised and developed by the original cast. Powerful and piercing, audiences and critics agree that this provocative piece of theatre is a groundbreaking debut.

All is not well in Fornicopia. HYSTERIA presents a future where technology is introduced to mitigate the hysterical response to the #metoo movement. Following a controversial referendum, a new ‘Right Consent’ app is developed to record sexual consent; removing the possibility of miscommunication, eliminating false reports and enabling rape cases to be fast-tracked to conviction. Backed by the government, it is believed that this development will allow greater sexual freedom with added safety for society in a minimally intrusive way, we watch as the app enter its beta-phase before the mandatory
rollout and bear witness to the other technological and societal advances towards a “better, safer” future for all.

As smart technology continues at an alarming rate to shape our society, and in a world where our online presence becomes increasingly important in qualifying our actual existence, HYSTERIA fuses comedy and horror in this rollercoaster of brutal honesty.

“Brave, clever, energetic and sometimes painfully funny” – Kathleen Oliver, Georgia Straight

"This juxtaposition of form and content speaks to the confusion about how the hell women are supposed to deal with fucked-up social norms, with the expectation that they should smile and accommodate bad behaviour. Hysteria will probably be popular [...] Important stuff" - Colin Thomas,

“By the end of Hysteria, the careful groundwork laid through its crafty songs and small doses of powerful honesty culminated in my feeling—a lot of feelings in every direction [...] Most of the audience was quick to rise for a standing ovation” – Room Magazine

BEST NEW WORK - BroadwayWorld Vancouver 2019


BEST PLAY - BroadwayWorld Vancouver 2019


BEST ACTRESS IN A PLAY (Jill Raymond) - BroadwayWorld Vancouver 2019


JOANNA MARATTA AWARD - Vancouver Fringe 2018


MOLLIE BRADLEY AWARD  - Vancouver Fringe 2018



HYSTERIA was first developed in 2018, before being reworked for the 2019 presentation.

HYSTERIA 2018, Premiere at the Vancouver Fringe


Original Concept and Story: Jill Raymond

Created by and featuring: Jill Raymond, Ariel Martz-Oberlander, Lauren McCraw, Isa Sanchez and Kimberly Ho
Directed by: Eleanor Felton

HYSTERIA 2019, at Havana Theatre, Credits: 

Original Concept and Story: Jill Raymond

Written By: Jill Raymond and Lauren Martin

Directed by: Lauren Martin and Ariel Martz-Oberlander

CAST (in order of appearance):
Alex/Ana: Julia Muncs
Genevieve/Sarah: Florence Reiher
Stephanie/Penny: Kapila Rego
Jo: Jill Raymond
Ami: Isa Sanchez

With the voices of David Kaye and Jenna Grubaugh

With Cleo the Puppet, with permission from Julia Muncs and Hannah Pearson

Critical and Audience Response



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