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Premiering as part of the Vancouver Fringe Festival 2023

She is one of the most infamous women in literature, the grotesque beast with her hair full of snakes and a gaze that turns men to stone, but who is Medusa? Everyone knows the name, but few actually know the story of this once mortal woman turned to the malevolent creature that we see depicted across decades of art and writing. Behind the image burned into history, a (very human) voice is buried in layers upon layers of unrelenting narrative spun by those who prefer we believe she is the MONSTER.


Friday 8th September, 6.35pm
Saturday 9th September, 2.45pm
Sunday 10th September, 4.30pm
Tuesday 12th September, 8.20pm
Saturday 16th September, 6.50pm
Sunday 17th September, 9.35pm
Playing at The Revue Stage, 1601 Johnston St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R9


From the critically-acclaimed production company Direct Theatre Collective comes a brand new original musical: MONSTER. Based on the somewhat unknown, often forgotten, story of Medusa - the Gorgon girl turned hideous beast. Many know the legend of the snake-headed man-killing leviathan - but who was Medusa before she was cursed, and what was her crime that led to this life changing punishment. In MONSTER, finally, Medusa gets a voice in her own story.

With a dynamic new creative pairing at the helm, award-winning writer Jill Raymond (HYSTERIA and verisimilitude) and musical virtuoso Florence Reiher (Worth the Weight), MONSTER includes fifteen original songs in a tour-de-force hour of entertainment, humour and heart wrenching tragedy. Guided by our Greek chorus of Muses through the surprising and scandalous story of Medusa, questioning everything we think we know about the infamous monster.


An original musical written by Jill Raymond and Florence Reiher.

Music Composition/Arrangement: Florence Reiher

Director/Choreographer: Jill Raymond

Musical Director: Florence Reiher

Medusa: Shriya Chamarty

Athene: Martha Ansfield-Scrase

Poseidon: Matt Loop

Perseus: Kenneth Tynan*

Peggy, a Muse: Jess McLeod*^

Eurie, a Muse: Alexis Hope

Ceto, a Muse: Robegiene Farinas

Chrissy, a Muse: Annie Liang

Stheno, a Muse: Jill Raymond

Bard Muse: Florence Reiher

*Appearing with permission from CAEA

^Dance Captain

Stage Manager: Andy Sandberg

Assistant Stage Manager: Heather Webster

Projections and Graphic Design (including MONSTER logo image): Jill Raymond

With special thanks to:

Isa Sanchez and Jenna Grubaugh (Assistant Producer)

Rafaella Rabinovich (Costume Designer)

Chrysta Webster (Props Assistant)

Tara Travis (Shadow Projections Consultant)

Yulien Levchyk (Choreography Consultant 'Gorgon Girl')

John Prowse/Kaylin Schenk (Photography)

And all our incredible supporters


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