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Where Women Gather is a hybrid theatre-film documentary project, following the creative journey of the award-winning play HYSTERIA, and its exploration of post-metoo-society sexual politics, female empowerment, the incessant integration of technology into our lives, and the necessity for communication and community amongst survivors of sexual assault.

With filmed scenes from the award-winning production HYSTERIA alongside interviews with the creative minds behind the project, Where Women Gather is an exciting, provoking documentary which leaves a lasting mark.

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Women Deliver Conference and Film Festival (2023)

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Where Women Gather

Director: Eva Tavares

Executive Producers: Jill Raymond and Isa Sanchez

Editor: Bruna Arbex
Co-Editor: Eva Tavares

Co-Producers: Jenna Grubaugh and Eva Tavares

AS SELF: Nita Bowerman, Eleanor Felton, Jenna Grubaugh, Lauren Martin, Jill Raymond, Kapila Rego, Florence Reiher and Isa Sanchez

HYSTERIA CAST (in order of appearance):
Alex/Ana: Jenna Grubaugh
Genevieve/Sarah: Florence Reiher
Stephanie/Penny: Kapila Rego
Jo: Jill Raymond
Ami: Isa Sanchez

With the voices of David Kaye and Larissa Thompson

Cam Op/Director of Photography: Christopher Dellinger 
Gaffers: Nathanael Vass and Nate Kelly
Boom Op: Gower Rhys Roberts

Sound Editor: Carlo Alcos
Sound Recordist: Larissa Thompson and Eva Tavares
Original Music/Composition: Red Janes

Film Colourist: Julian Nelson
Graphic Design: Jill Raymond


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